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achieve your best health yet!


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Unlock a happier, healthier you by choosing from three different consultations. Discover a new chapter of health & wellness, peace, and culinary passion - you deserve it!

Dive into the HEALTH & WELLNESS consultation to get expert answers to your health questions from me - a Registered Nurse - and personalized guidance for optimizing your well-being.

Experience the transformative power of the STRESS RELIEF consultation, designed to help you conquer feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and resentment so your days can be more balanced, peaceful and fulfilled.

Remove the stress of meal planning and re-discover your love of cooking and food with the MEALS MADE EASY! consultation where I reduce your frustration and time of constantly trying to come up with meal ideas in order that meal time can be an enjoyable and nutritious experience once again for you and loved-ones.

health & wellness (consult)



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Do you have health related questions that you simply don't have time to ask your primary health care provider?

Have you ever had a medical practitioner whom you could trust to guide you towards optimizing your health and well-being?

Have you ever wondered what health and wellness coaching is or if it would be a good fit for you?

Let's chat so I can support you in achieving your best health yet and living a life you absolutely love!

$100 USD / 90 mins.

Phone or video

*Investment for coaching packages starts at $600 and the package may be tailored to your individual needs. Please inquire if you are unsure if you have the resources to make the time and financial investment.

Wellness Coach
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Be mindful and honest by asking yourself few questions: 

Do you feel as though you move through each day going through the motions, never feeling fulfilled?


Are you struggling or stuck in some area of your life, and losing hope?

Are you longing for a sense of inner peace, ease, and balance?


Have you lost touch with the full array of your emotions, but often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, resentful, and unsupported?

Are you ready to invest in yourself to start on a path of meaningful, practical change for the better once and for all?

Do you want to start feeling happy again?

Are you wanting to feel good about and in your body to show up confidently in life, love, and work?

Are you ready to make some changes, but don’t have the slightest idea where or how to begin? 

$75 USD / 60 mins.

Phone or video


The aim of bundling these services is to create a space where you can begin to de-stress, allowing yourself to become more present with yourself and more aware of your blocks, limiting beliefs, and patterns that have kept you from fully showing up and enjoying life. As you settle in and recognize what may be contributing to keeping you stuck, you will be fully supported as you begin to shift your inner world in order to have a big impact on your outer world. 


coaching, yoga, qigong, massage, meditation, guided fitness outings, meal planning & prep, somatic, breath work, journalling, health education & advocacy, and more! 

meals (consult)



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Let's face it, coming up with healthy and inspired meals on a regular basis can be downright stressful, frustrating and time-consuming! This consultation provides you with:

A customized "done for you" meal plan for an entire month, or even just a week or two, based on your preferences - regain time and your love for cooking again!

Make meal planning and prep less stressful and enjoyable again with more time spent with loved in conversation over great meals and less time in the kitchen​!

Rediscover your love of food with delicious and nutritious meals which are affordable, healthy and simple to prep and enjoy!

$39 USD* / month

Initial consultation $50 / 45 mins.

* Meal planning packages starts at $39/month and may be tailored to your individual needs--including dietary restrictions / preferences, food allergies / sensitivities, nutritional information (calories, macros, micros, etc.), and more.

Consultation fees may be applied to coaching packages / memberships at practitioner’s discretion.

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“I would recommend Tracy as a coach to a wide range of people, such as a young person learning about health and wellness, to young parents needing stress and time management skills, to people trying to juggle work and community commitments, to people adjusting to retirement and looking forward to the time for exercise and healthy cooking.”




Ditch what hasn't worked. Stop wasting your time, money and health.
Start with a real plan and support by a transformational nurse and health coach. It's time to make yourself a priority - you deserve it.


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